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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Future strategic direction of TMA-SA

The board of directors of the Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa (TMA-SA) held a strategic planning workshop on Saturday 13 July. 

The traditional value propositions of networking, knowledge capturing and dissemination, education, and promotion to industry and government (new business rescue legislation, turnaround funding, etc.) remain in place, but will take on a new flavour.

The board accepted two far-reaching strategic goals and objectives, which are in the process of being converted into action plans by the Executive Directors.

  • TMA-SA to become a self sustaining entity with more value-added services to its members:
    • Commercialise (not having to rely on membership fees to fund operations any more).
      • Generate its own income through offering educational services in alliance with universities (conferences, short courses, certification programmes, degree programmes, etc.).  This rather than our members offering their participation free of charge.
    • Appoint a full-time Executive Manager (not having to rely on the voluntarily spare time of Directors anymore).
    • Act as a stronger access/networking intermediary between members and the constituencies in the turnaround industry.
    • Sponsorship to fund the iniatives above.
  • TMA-SA to become a professional organisation:
    • Graduated levels of membership e.g. member (open to all) and certified member (exam and other requirements).
    • Certification of members.
    • Code of ethics.
    • Possible alliance with another professional organisation to allow us to share their administrative infrastructure and professional body/educational know how.

This news flash was brought to you by Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa - the forum for turnaround and corporate renewal professionals in Southern Africa, established for purposes of information exchange, knowledge capturing, networking, education and raising the standards of turnaround.

For more information, see Turnaround Events.


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