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News from the forum for turnaround and corporate renewal professionals - established for purposes of information exchange, knowledge capturing, networking, education and raising the standards of turnaround in Southern Africa.

Friday, May 06, 2005

TMA office bearers elected


Turnaround Management Association


Office-bearers elected at Board meeting 6 May 2005:

  • Robin Taggart (non-Executive Chairman)
  • Jan van der Walt (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Ken Chitando (Treasurer)
  • Patrick von Spreckelsen (Secretary)
  • Colin Batchelor (Director: Membership)
  • Milton Kahari (Director: Programmes)

Good luck with your efforts in steering the Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa!

Monday, May 02, 2005

TMA initial board of directors


Turnaround Management Association


The initial board of directors of the Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa has been elected.

The 9-person board, in order of votes received at the election of 29 April 2005, comprises of:

  • Jan van der Walt (Corprenewal)
  • Milton Kahari (Turnaround Partners)
  • Robin Taggart
  • David Gewer (Werksmans)
  • Colin Batchelor (Phetiso Enterprise Development)
  • Ken Chitando (Turnaround Partners)
  • Patrick von Spreckelsen (Corprenewal)
  • Frans Maritz (Corprenewal)
  • Vincent Marino (Business Renewal & Survival Strategies)

The purpose of the initial Board of Directors is to work towards achieving Provisional Chapter status, including the election of the 2005/06 Board of Directors and executives, increased membership, achieving publicity for the chapter, and to prepare a pro forma business plan and budget for consideration by the 2005/06 Board of Directors that includes required information to be submitted to TMA.