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Friday, June 03, 2005

TMA 2006 election: nominations invited


Turnaround Management Association


Positions for which nominations are sought

The election of the 2005/06 board and executives of the Turnaround Management Association - Southern Africa will take place at 18h00 on Thursday 22 September 2005 at the annual meeting of members at Werksmans, c/o Fredman Drive & 5th Avenue, Sandton.

The initial Board of Directors are awaiting nominations (see Election 05/06 nominations) from registered members for 2005/06 directors for the following 15 positions:

  • Non-executive Chairman - a senior individual with strong leadership capabilities to to preside over board affairs, safeguard the Chapter's assets, ensure fiduciary compliance, and ensure that the Chapter has purpose and direction.
  • CEO (and non-executive Chairman-elect for the next term) - an individual with strong leadership and organisational capabilities that as the principal executive officer of the Chapter, and subject to the control and direction of the Board, will be tasked to lead the chapter, see to it that the resolutions and directions of the Board are carried into effect, submit strategy to the board for approval, to execute strategy, and to attend the annual meetings of TMA International.
  • Deputy-CEO (and CEO for the next term) who will be the runner-up at the CEO election.
  • Treasurer - ideally an individual with an accounting background responsible for bookkeeping and financial management.
  • Secretary - ideally an individual with a legal background responsible for administration, record-keeping and communication.
  • Director: Programmes - ideally an individual with strong project management, organisational and delivery backgrounds responsible for all programmes of the Chapter including projects, events and functions.
  • Director: Membership - ideally an individual with strong administrative and marketing skills responsible for all member services and administration, and the solicitation of new members.
  • Director: Public Relations - ideally an individual with strong interpersonal and marketing skills to promote Chapter visibility and the turnaround profession.
  • Director: Newsletter - ideally an individual with a journalistic flair responsible for editing, content, format and distribution of a regular newsletter distributed to all members.
  • Director: Pro Bono Activities - ideally an individual with an interest in the community and responsible for identifying disadvantaged or small troubled businesses that will benefit from engagement by members, and for identifying and recruiting members to undertake such activities.
  • Director: Web Site - ideally an individual with a webmaster background, or at least an understanding of web site design and administration responsible for establishing a Chapter web site and administering it as a medium for news, events and member information.
  • Director: Sponsorship - ideally an individual with strong marketing skills responsible to obtain funding for the Chapter's administration and activities, to identify sponsorship activities, and to solicit sponsors to undertake such activities.
  • Director: ACTP Relations and Education - ideally an individual with an academic or educational background to drive the Certified Turnaround Professional program in South Africa.
  • 2x Non-executive Directors (other than the Non-Executive Chairman) - ideally individuals with high standing and influence in South African industry or politics with strong affinity to the TMA's cause.

Nomination guidelines

  • Nominees are ideally to represent a spread of turnaround professional disciplines (turnaround practitioners, consultants, legal, accounting, etc.) and providers of equity/loan capital (banks, development fund institutions, etc.).
  • Members are urged to place special emphasis on nominating black and female nominees. Members may not nominate themselves.
  • A nominee may receive nominations from more than one member.
  • A nominee can be nominated for any number of the 15 board positions.

The prescribed nomination form, which can be downloaded from the box on the right, includes:

  • The position(s) for which the nominee is nominated.
  • A brief biography of the nominee by the nominee that includes the person's relevant turnaround-related experience and interest/experience in other or prior association activities.
  • A recommendation from a member other than the nominated member that details why the individual would be a successful candidate for the Board of Directors with specific reference to the up to 15 board positions that the individual is nominated for.
  • A statement from the nominee that the individual:
    • Makes him/herself available for the specific function(s) that he or she is nominated for.
    • Makes him/herself available for the specific term that he or she is nominated for. Has the sincere desire to participate and be actively involved.
    • Is willing to dedicate the necessary time and effort.


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